About Us

Company Mission: To create quality self defense training programs that address the needs of law enforcement, private security, military, and private citizens.

Company Vision: Our vision is to create personal “Tailor Made” training programs for our clients.  L.T.S. conducts an extensive consultation process to learn the needs of your company or agency.  Our success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise.

Company Goals:

  • Reduce the risk of liability to your agency by providing training that addresses real world use of force application.
  • Increase confidence and safety of your agency personnel.
  • Reduce injuries to your staff, by providing proven and effective training programs for overcoming combative persons.
  • Offer seminars and training to your agency on a continual basis to insure the tactical training is fully comprehended.
  • Increase decision making ability in matters of deadly force encounters.

Why Choose us:
Experience: With a staff of current law enforcement officers, professional mixed martial art fighters, and industry leading professionals, our staff is second to none in developing defensive tactics programs.

Customer Focus. We realize every client is unique, and has their own individual challenges requiring a specific solution. L.T.S. will closely examine the needs of your agency, and provide adaptable solutions and programs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Reputation: Our staff of instructors have been instructing law enforcement, private citizens, military, and private security personnel for over 15 years. Our staff carefully designs programs that are effective, proven, and easily comprehendible.